When I was a teenager I thought my Mama was already an old, old woman. By the time I hit the big 40 I thought she was already over the hill. 

She grunted when she got up from her chair and grunted sitting down. What a life I thought  but grunting came sneaking around me in a few years

She said life was different the older you got but I couldn’t understand a word she was saying.  She also mentioned several times to take care of myself and maybe I would get as old as her grandmother.  Wow, I thought, life would be wonderful at 97 sitting on the front porch dipping Garrets Snuff or keeping a mouthful of Brown Mule Chewing Tobacco.

I still got a few more years to get to that wonderful age.  In my younger years that good ole rock & roll music kept us lively and dancing around.  I tried it again a couple of years ago and couldn’t get out of bed for a week.

Mama also told me to pray to God every day and so help me I do. I talk to God the first thing in the morning, ‘Lord can you help me get out of bed?”

Back many moons ago I cried all day on my 40th birthday because I knew life would start changing and boy it did.  My last birthday cake was a beautiful, chocolate, sheet cake that wouldn’t hold all my candles.

Mama told me to put expensive face cream on several times a day to keep the wrinkles away.  For 40 years I’ve been following her suggestions spending a fortune that didn’t work.  The last time I looked I couldn’t even count the wrinkles on my face so now I am saving for a face lift.

It get embarrassing when someone walks up at Walmart and says ‘hello’ and I wonder who in the world is talking to me.

Bob Latta told me, ‘a short pencil is better than a long memory,’ and for a long time he was right but sometimes my notes don’t make a lick of sense.

I always get home from Walmart without at least one item I meant to buy.  Memory is even bad wandering in the house.  I stop myself often thinking ‘what did I come in here for?’  Many times after I dial the phone I can’t remember who I am calling.  I read on the internet these problems will get worse.

My big ‘did you’ list in the bathroom has:  Take a shower?  Put your teeth in your mouth?  Hearing aids in your ears?  

I can’t even call all my grandchildren by name.  I go through five or six names before I get to the right one so now most times I just say ‘hey you.’

The longer my legs stay still the harder it is to move.  Getting up from the recliner takes about two minutes then I hobble several steps before my legs remember they can move.  At least one joint hurts every day!  I spend all my days with ole Arthur and my nights with Ben Gay.

Senior years is not as much fun as I thought it would be.  Yesterday was two weeks ago,



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