Drugs Seized

                On April 3, 2021 Khalil J. Kelley, 23, of Aberdeen Mississippi and Lynell B. Biles, 25, of Chicago, Illinois.  were arrested and charged with multiple drug offenses including possession of over 90 grams of marijuana. The arrest came after McNairy County Deputy David Kelso and Deputy John Sims stopped a black 2016 Hyundai Hatchback for doing 73 in a 55 zone in the southbound lane of Hwy 45 just south of Feddie Davis Dr.

                Upon speaking with the occupants of the vehicle Kelso could smell an odor of burnt marijuana coming from the vehicle. The back seat passenger, Kelley, admitted to smoking marijuana earlier and stated this could be the reason for the smell. Kelso observed what he thought was a handgun in the driver’s left pocket. The driver of the vehicle, Tashawn Carter, confirmed that it was in fact a handgun and it was retrieved by deputy Sims. The gun’s serial number was checked and came back clear.

                The three occupants exited the vehicle. During a cursory pat down Kelso found .7 grams of a green leafy substance in Kelley’s pocket. During the vehicle search Kelso located a black backpack belonging to Biles. The top compartment contained a large see-through baggie containing 15 grams (field weight) of marijuana.

                 A further search of the vehicle’s trunk area uncovered a suitcase belonging to Kelley. This case contained 3 large baggies of marijuana that appeared to be package for distribution as well as four tablets of ecstasy weighing 1.8 grams.

                 Kelley and Biles were then placed under arrest and read their Miranda rights. The two were then taken to McNairy County jail for booking.

                The driver of the car Tashawn Carter was issued a warning citation for speeding and then released.

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