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Tennessee’s COVID-19 vaccination roll-out plan has been updated to move teachers to a higher priority.

Tennessee’s Health Commissioner Dr. Lisa Piercey announced the move Wednesday, December 30, placing teachers in the 1b category, which had previously been regulated to first responder administration officials.

Piercey said teachers were “bumped up” in priority right behind health care workers because “we know how critically important schools are to the functioning of our society and our economy, not only keeping kids in school so that they can learn and be educated, but also keeping parents at work. If the kids are in school, then the parents can go to work.”

While counties throughout Tennessee are at different stages of the roll-out plan, most are still focused on health-care workers, including first responders, in-patient providers, staff members and residents of long-term care facilities, etc.

McNairy County is currently in stage “1a2” and “1b,” which covers the “secondary level” of health-care workers, including primary care providers and staff, out-patient specialty providers, pharmacists and staff, etc., and school/childcare staff and first responder administration officials.

County residents aged 75 and older are now eligible for vaccination as well.

Director of McNairy County Schools Greg Martin confirmed Monday that “quite a few” teachers within the county received their vaccine Saturday.

“I’d like to encourage more (teachers) to do so,” he said. “Teachers not having to quarantine post-exposure (to COVID-19) would help our school days run more smoothly.”

Vaccines are expected to be more widely distributed within the coming weeks as supply grows.

For more information on vaccine distribution, call 731-421-6782.

To keep updated on the county’s vaccine distribution phase, click here.

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