Selmer Fire Department announces open house

On August 14, the Selmer Fire Department (SFD) will open one of its stations to the public and host a number of fun, fire-related activities. Visitors can find the station at 707 Industrial Park Road in Selmer, and the event will last from 11:00 A.M. until 2:00 P.M.

Having recently acquired new equipment and refurbished old pieces, the SFD aims to demonstrate its capabilities to the citizens whom it serves and to allow residents a peek into its daily operations.

According to Selmer Fire Chief Anthony Carr, however, the open house will focus as much as possible on children.

“This is a day for the kids to come out and have fun,” confirmed Carr.

The SFD will display its arsenal of fire trucks and trailers, some of which will be open for children to explore.

Moreover, the department will roll out the first fire truck used in Selmer; it was purchased in 1937.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol will have their rollover simulator available as well.

Other activities will include station tours, a fire safety house, a splash zone and photographs with Sparky the Fire Dog and Cell Phone Sally.

Firefighters will also provide complimentary hamburgers, hot dogs and drinks to visitors, and kids can pick up a plastic helmet and coloring book before they depart.

Comprising 11 paid members and slightly over 30 reserves, the SFD crew responds to an average of 1,200 calls per year. Of these calls, around three per month relate to structure fires, while the remainder are for medical assistance. The SFD employs 10 first responders, two paramedics, one nurse and one EMT out of two stations.

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