--On November 30, 2020, Lorenzo Lopez, 24, of Selmer, was arrested and charged with driving under the influence and having an open container, after Deputy Ryan Burelsci was dispatched to Highway 45 regarding a reckless driver.

While arriving, Burlesci was flagged down by a second complainant, who informed him that the vehicle had been driving “in all lanes of traffic.”

Burlesci located a vehicle matching the description on the side of Highway 45, facing the ditch.  When he approached the vehicle, it started backing out into the roadway. After Burlesci initiated his lights, Lopez stepped out of the vehicle. A “strong odor of alcohol” was “coming from his person,” and  he “exhibited bloodshot eyes and appeared to be confused.” After failing numerous sobriety tests, Lopez was placed into custody.

Inside the vehicle were found six open bottles of Corona Extra, and another unopened pack in the seat.

--On December 1, 2020, James “Reed” Sweat, 29, of Adamsville, was arrested and charged with violation of an order of protection after he was found “laying in the floor of a room” inside the victim’s residence.

Deputy Jason Gray was called to the scene when the victim, who had the order of protection against Sweat, was informed by a third subject that Sweat was at the victim’s residence. The victim stated that they wanted the deputy to enter the home with them, and that they did want to press charges.

Upon entering, Gray then found Sweat “laying in the floor of a room” in the home. Sweat was taken into custody.

--On December 1, 2020, Steven Mansell, 43, of Mantachie, Mississippi, was arrested on a warrant for aggravated rape.

Deputy Brandon Taylor received a call from SPD Investigator XX Harrison, stating that Mansell was going to be driving up Highway 45 South. Two other Investigators—Carter and Jaco—were in the area as well, and stopped Mansell’s vehicle as it crossed the state line.

Taylor placed Mansell under arrest, and transported him to the McNairy County Jail.

--on December 1, 2020, Deputy Dameon Blue spoke with a complainant who was the victim of fraud.

The victim stated that they purchased a Playstation 5 on Facebook Marketplace for $500 from a user named “Shoog Aone.” The victim attempted to send the money through Walmart transfer to Shoog’s reported brother, a “Hunter Harrell,” but it did not work. The victim then sent the money through Western Union, where it was picked up by Harrell in Eastman, Georgia.

No further information is available at this time.

Editor’s note: Readers, please be wary of scams during this upcoming holiday season. When purchasing from third-party online vendors, be suspicious of any requests to wire money or send money through means other than the platform you are already communicating on. It is likely a scam.

--On December 3, 2020, Sergeant Mike Shipman was dispatched to highway 22 South in Michie regarding a theft. Upon arrival, Shipman spoke with the owner of the business victimized. The owner stated that they and their crew had been working on this property for a few months. The previous night, they had locked up their tool trailer and left around 4:30 p.m.

Upon returning to work around 6:30 a.m., the crew found that the trailer had been broken into and “most of (their) hand and power tools had been stolen.”

Evidence of forced entry could be seen by the busted hasp on the trailer door. Photos of the crime scene were taken and sent to the TBI for examination.

A few of the items stolen were later found at an abandoned house next door.

While investigating this abandoned house, officers discovered tire tracks that led out from the house and onto Highway 22, going northbound.

Officers spoke with witnesses in the area, who said they saw a “black truck with loud pipes” over at the residence where the theft occurred. When the truck left, it went north on Highway 22, then turned down David Yancey Road.

The victim of the theft believes the cumulative value of the items stolen is around $10,000.

The case remains under investigation.

--On December 4, 2020, Sergeant Ricky Finley was dispatched to New Delight Road regarding a vehicle theft. The victim stated that when they went to sleep the previous night, their white 2003 Mazda Tribute was in their driveway. When they awoke, it was missing.

Moments after a BOLO was placed on the vehicle, the care was located at the corner of Harrison Road and Old Union in Hardin County. The vehicle had struck a tree and was totaled. Tennessee Highway Patrol stated that the vehicle had been abandoned, with both doors open. THP also stated that there was “blood all over the car and airbags.”

The case has been assigned to an investigator for further review.

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