-On November 24, 2020, William Pickett, 33, of Bethel Springs, was arrested and charged with vandalism, aggravated assault and aggravated criminal trespassing after a deputy was dispatched to the scene on Purdy Road for an unruly subject.

Upon arrival at the residence , Deputy David Kelso heard a disturbance inside and made entry to through the front door, which had been visibly broken at the hinges. Once inside, Kelso saw Pickett standing in the living room, facing another subject. Pickett “appeared to be visibly intoxicated and upset about something.”

Pickett was taken into custody and put in the patrol car as Kelso continued his investigation.

The other subject, who was later determined to be the victim, stated that Pickett had gotten very drunk and started “acting out and acting crazy,” before they asked him to leave. Pickett refused, but did eventually go lay down in the yard and “(take) a nice long nap.”

It was after this nap that Pickett woke and tried to break through the front door in anger. Once inside, he attacked the victim before punching a TV.

Pictures were taken of the scene, and Pickett was transported to the McNairy County Jail.

-On November 25, 2020, Christopher Wardlow, 43, of Counce, was arrested and charged with evading arrest, reckless driving, reckless endangerment, driving under the influence, speeding, driving on the roadways lanes for traffic, and failure to show proof of insurance, after Deputy Ryan Burlesci spotted him travelling at a “high rate of speed” on Highway 57 West near the intersection of Chewalla Road.

The vehicle, according to the report, was clocked as going 97 miles-per-hour in a 45 miles-per-hour zone. The vehicle “became airborne” when it crossed the railroad tracks, before continuing to speed down the road. Burlesci attempted to pull the vehicle over, but the driver (later identified as Wardlow) ignored him, increasing his speed over 100 miles-per-hour while driving into oncoming traffic several times.

While continuing to flee, the vehicle started to slow down due to apparent “vehicle troubles.” The vehicle eventually came to a complete stop in Middleton, where Wardlow was placed into custody without incident or injury to any party.

Wardlow admitted to using methamphetamines earlier that day, as well as Suboxone. He also “appeared to be having delusions” according to the report, which are common while under the influence of methamphetamines.

Wardlow  was asked to perform a number of tests, including saying his ABC’s and stand still—both of which he failed.

Wardlow was charged and transported to the McNairy County Jail without further incident.

-On November 25, 2020, Sergeant Ricky Finley was dispatched to the scene of an emergency detention after a call was received by dispatched stating that a man driving a red Tahoe was “not making any sense” and was “talking out of his head.”

The caller had been stopped by the man earlier, and the caller gave him some gas money. The man then drove south on Albert Owens Road. Finley and another deputy did manage to find the man after he stopped his Tahoe in the middle of the Road, blocking both lanes of traffic. The subject, according to the report, was rambling incoherently and was unable to provide any working phone number for family or guardians.

The man was transported to the McNairy County Jail for emergency detention for mental evaluation.

-On November 28, 2020, Dalton Pettigrew, 28, of Adamsville, was charged with simple possession or casual exchange and unlawful drug paraphernalia uses and act, after deputies were dispatched to the scene of a reported assault with head injuries.

Deputies Michael Gilbert and David Kelso were dispatched to New Delite Road after receiving a call regarding an assault with possible head injuries. When deputies arrived, they saw “several individuals” exit the house, and two individuals began to run away when Gilbert approached.

Gilbert was able to stop one suspect, but the other, later identified as Codey Anglin, 25, of Adamsville, escaped officers. A warrant has been issued for his arrest.

While walking back to the residence, Gilbert made contact with Pettigrew, who had a “clear plastic bag hanging out of his back pants pocket containing suspected marijuana.”

When asked, Pettigrew also admitted to having a marijuana pipe in the same pants pocket. The pipe was entered into evidence, and Pettigrew was issued a criminal summons on the charges in lieu of arrest.

-On November 28, 2020, Deputy David Kelso was dispatched to the scene of a burglary on Ramer Selmer Road. Upon arrival, Kelso spoke with the victim, who stated that their shed had been broken into on their residence. “Several items” that were supposed to be in the shed had been taken, according to the victim, including multiple battery chargers for power tools, an air compressor, a weed-eater, a rake, a leaf blower and hedge trimmers.

Kelso did note a window unit on the side of the shed that appeared to have been tampered with, and attempted unsuccessfully to gather fingerprints. A lawnmower that had been previously in the unit was pushed outside, as well as a ladder and a power washer.

Kelso also confirmed through dispatch that an alarm call had been received earlier that day, and a deputy did make their way to the residence to note an open shed door.

The case has been assigned to Investigator Carter.

-On November 28, 2020, Deputy Tommy Howell was dispatched to the scene of a burglary on Purdy Road. Upon arrival, Howell made contact with the victim, who stated that someone had broken out the window on the rear of their property. The victim stated that they did not believe that the thieves took anything except for food that had been in a cooler in the kitchen—specifically, a bottle of salad dressing.

No further information is available at this time.

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