-Two separate incidents of theft involving Ford F-250 truck tailgates were reported within the same day by the McNairy County Sheriff’s Department.

The first, on December 29, 2020, occurred at a residence on Highway 142 in Selmer. The victim stated that when they returned home from work, the tailgate on one of their trucks was missing.

According to the report, “someone cut the wiring that went into the tailgate.”

This tailgate was described as white, Ford 2017 F-250 tailgate.

The second incident occurred sometime later the same day, on Purdy Road in Selmer.

The victim stated that at some time in the night, the tailgate of their white, Ford 2011 F-250 was also stolen.

A third case on January 1, 2021, in Stantonville, involving the theft of a catalytic converter from a 2002 Ford Ranger, notes in the report that the victim “stated a few days ago someone tried to steal the tailgate off a different truck.”

There is no formal indication that these cases are related, though the relation and timing of the cases remains suspect.

-On December 28, 2020, Kevin Wynn, 53, of Selmer, was arrested public indecency after Sergeant Ricky Finley was dispatched to Pickwick Electric regarding someone urinating in a trash can.

Security cameras in the lobby showed a man enter the lobby and begin to use the kiosk. The entire time, the man (later identified as Wynn) “moved about in such a way that suggested he had to urinate. Also known as the ‘Pee-Pee dance’ by young children.”

After struggling with the kiosk for several minutes while performing his desperate dance, Wynn unfastened his pants and urinated in the trash can. This was later noticed after a member of Pickwick Electric noticed the “strange liquid in the trash can” and checked security cameras. By then, Wynn had already left.

A few hours after responding to this call, Finley responded to a car crash on Elmer Cox Road in Bethel Springs. The car involved belonged to Wynn, who was later found walking on the roadway. After speaking with him, Wynn admitted to the incident and was placed under arrest.

-On December 28, 2020, Sergeant Ricky Finley was dispatched to Rooster Run Bar in Bethel Springs regarding a burglary. The business reported that this was the third time they had been burglarized “in the past couple months.” The suspects apparently used the same window each time, and stole eight bar stools, two “large brown speakers,”15 pool sticks, two eight-foot tables, eight six-foot tables, a black refrigerator, and 16 chairs. The incident has been passed on to investigators for further review.

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