The McNairy County School Board on Thursday voted to extend the district's current revised schedule through February. 

Currently, students have three options: in-person, Reconnect (online and in-person) and virtual (fully online) schedules. 

“I don't want to lose sight of how well are Reconnect program has been for some of our students,” McNairy County Director of School Greg Martin said. “If these folks have not been successful in that format, they can come back into the building.”

Martin said school principals will be able to evaluate students.

“They will be able to review Reconnect on a case-by-case basis,” he said. 

The Board also:

  • accepted the retirement of Jena Bienash from the Selmer Elementary cafeteria; resignation of Amy Null from Michie Elementary as a SPED adie; employment of Nathaniel Neal Murphy as a part-time custodian at Ramer Elementary; transfer of custodian Perry Davis from Ramer Elementary to Michie Elementary and the leave requests of Brenda Watson from Selmer Elementary and Teresa Gatis from Adamsville Elementary.
  • approved substitute teachers; Coty Briley, Mary Kay Daley and Maggie Overton as well as substitute bus driver Ashley Nicole Campbell. 
  • approved tenure for Shelia McClain and Clay Shirley at Bethel Springs and Katie Austin at Selmer Elementary.
  • revised school board policy to align with new state laws, including charter school applications, textbook and instructional materials, interrogations and searches, physical examinations and immunizations and medicines. 

The McNairy County School Board meets at 7 p.m. the second Thursday of each month in the McNairy County Annex Building.

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