The McNairy County Commission voted to apply for grants to be used for the construction of a county agricultural center. 

The agreement pledges up to $500,000 in matching funds from the county for a $1 million grant. 

“Some of the grants we have applied for can be used as matching funds for it,” McNairy County Larry Smith said.

The commission on Nov. 30 voted to pass a lease agreement with the McNairy County School Board for an agricultural center on High School Road. The school board approved the agreement Nov. 12. 

The lease agreement is for $1 per year, but also adds up to $30,000 a year to redeem the Jaycee Building located on the same property.

According to UT Extension figures, for $100.2 million spent on agriculture countywide, $128.2 million was produced. About 1,060 agricultural workers, more than 1,300 jobs were produced.

The estimated budget for the facility in its first year is $60,700.

The building will 275 feet by 175 feet. It will include bathrooms, concessions, a meeting room and storage. The more than 48,000 square foot facility will sit on a 6.5 acre plot.

The commission also:

  • voted to allow the McNairy County School Board to purchase a SPED school bus through piggy-back grant with the Dyer County School District. 

“This is similar to buying in bulk,” McNairy County Director of School Greg Martin said. 

Smith said the buses would be paid for with school board money and would not come from the county budget.

Mid-South Bus won the bid at $104,033. The price is good until September, 2021. There is a $1,000 increase of the Dyer County price because an increased number of seats. 

The McNairy County Commission meets at 7 p.m. the second Monday of each month.

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