The McNairy County Carl Perkins Center is getting a new location.

On April 9, when a lightning strike started a fire that destroyed the Center’s previous building, employees were displaced and left without a local headquarters.

Ever since the fire, staff have worked endlessly to find a new location.

Billy Brown offered the McNairy County Family Center in the Selmer Industrial Park to the staff until it could secure permanent accommodations.

Brown provided the space to the Center free of charge.

“This gives us a new lease on life,” expressed Nicholas Inman, Board President. “The downtown location is ideal for us.”

Keith Freeman, the building’s owner, has offered to renovate the building according to the specifications required by the Center; moreover, he has offered the Center a lifetime lease.

Freeman will conduct the renovations at no charge to the Center.

The renovations are estimated for completion in three to six months.

Employees can expect their own offices, a board room, a forensics room and an observation room.

Most importantly, the building is ensured to protect victims’ privacy while they are receiving care.

The Carl Perkins Center relies on fund raising as its primary source of income. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Center was unable to host two of its main fund raisers, which resulted in the Center losing an estimated $160,000 in funding.

“You cannot have a Center that functions without community support,” stated Delaine Bottoms, Vice-President of the Carl Perkins Center. “It’s a testimony to what kind of community that you guys live in. You should be proud, because you are doing great things.”

“God has taken care of us the whole time. We have been able to continue to serve our kids,” affirmed Callie Allison, County Director for the McNairy County Carl Perkins Center. “There have been obstacles in the way–we have not been able to do our investigations locally–but this is now going to allow us to do what we need to do and what we are here to do, and it’s a blessing.”

“We still need help, however,” Inman added. “You will see us doing some fund raisers soon.”

To make donations online please visit and select the designation for McNairy Operating to make sure your donation supports local efforts.

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