Carolina perched high in a tree above her rescuers

Carolina is home safely after a five-day rescue effort.

Brandy Smith was out in her backyard with her three-year-old macaw Carolina May 16.

Something frightened Carolina, causing her to take flight. Smith did not stop her, in fear of injuring the bird.

“Normally when she gets spooked, she will circle and come back to my shoulder.” Smith said.

Carolina landed in a nearby pine tree. She was out of reach of all rescue attempts. Several agencies offered their assistance during the rescue.

The Selmer City Fire Department tried to reach the bird with their ladder truck, but she was just out of reach. The Selmer City Police Department was on hand controlling traffic to keep rescuers safe.

The fire department also tried to use water to make the bird come down to a lower limb. All attempts were unsuccessful.

A drone was brought in to observe the bird and to see if the noise from it would make Carolina move to a lower branch. This attempt was also unsuccessful.

Later that day, Carolina flew deeper into the woods, and they feared the worst. However, Carolina was found in a tree close by that evening.

On the fifth day, a lady arrived with large PVC poles carrying food bowls and toys that they hoped would attract Carolina.

After about two hours of shaking the food and toys and calling to her Carolina came down to the ground ending the five-day endeavor.

“She came down to the ground. She hit the ground running for a few seconds, and then she sat down like, ‘I’m done, I’m ready to go home.’” Smith said. “Then I picked her up and did not turn her loose until we got back to the house.”

Carolina had a great vet report. Her eyes were clear and bright. She had not lost very much weight.

Carolina is now eating, drinking and playing. 

Brandy Smith wanted to express her gratitude to all of those who came out to help her retrieve Carolina.



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