Days after the Christmas day explosion rocked the streets of downtown Nashville, investigators have identified the bomber but have yet to find his motive.

Anthony Quinn Warner, 63, of Antioch, Tennessee, was identified as the bomber after his remains were discovered in the vehicle used in the explosion on 166 2nd Avenue North.

The blast injured at least eight people and damaged over 40 buildings, though no deaths were reported.

Among the damaged buildings was an AT&T transmission facility, which provided wireless service to much of the area, including 911 services across the state.

McNairy County Emergency Management Director Alan Strickland was able to confirm that the county communications systems suffered no affects from the blast.

According to FBI agents on the scene in Nashville, law enforcement officers are still interviewing people who knew Warner in an attempt to understand his motive.

No other people are suspected of being involved.

Before the explosion, the RV could be heard broadcasted a computerized feminine voice repeating a warning to residents to evacuate. The RV also played Petula Clark's 1964 hit "Downtown,” a song about loneliness in a downtown area.

Officers responded to the loudly-broadcasting vehicle prior to the explosion after they received calls regarding an active shooter. After hearing the warning, the officers evacuated the area—finishing just mere moments before the explosion.

"I just saw the biggest flames I've ever seen, the biggest explosion," Nashville officer Amanda Topping said in a press conference. "I just saw orange and ... felt the heat, the wave."

Warner had not previously been on law enforcement's radar, barring a past drug charge.

AT&T was able to get power to the damaged building with generators on Saturday, allowing the majority of services to be restored, according to a statement made by the company.

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