Be the change you want to see

Candice Garrison

Candice Garrison has founded a Facebook group aimed at educating people about McNairy County.

Garrison is the county commissioner for the 7th district in McNairy County.

On February 8, Garrison announced the group to the county commission.

The group is named “Candy Garrison co. commissioner district 7.”

“Five Fast Facts” is the focus of the posts in the group page.

“Be the change you want to see,” Garrison said. “That is important to me, I want to be that change.”

The goal of the group is to promote McNairy County and provide information to citizens.

She is covering interesting people, places and facts about McNairy County.

“If you’ll notice in my work there is a source, you can go back and verify,” Garrison said. “I want to be known as someone that is standing on the facts.”

The Facebook group is public, and the posts can be seen without joining the group. However, joining the group allows you to be notified as new content is posted.

Garrison said she wanted to keep the page as a group instead of a standard page so that people that do not wish to view the content are not bothered by it. “I don’t want to be a pest.” Garrison said.

Five fast facts about Candy Garrison are that she is a Christian; she is wife to the late Charlie Garrison; she is mom to Chaz, Chase and Megan; she is CC (short for Candice and Charlie) to Kennedy and Avery and she is an educator of 38 years.

Garrison’s late husband served eight years as a county commissioner.

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