The Adamsville Town Commission voted to allow the purchase of a Ford F-150.

The 4x4 SuperCrew Styleside will cost the town $44,103, including more than $17,000 in options and upgrades. The price also includes a $15,307 fleet discount.

In a letter requesting the truck, Adamsville Police Chief Daniel Vandiver said the truck will serve a variety of purposes.

“My main objective was to have a heavy duty truck for large trailers and LESO (Law Enforcement Support Office) equipment,” he stated. “In the future, I hope to begin doing roadblocks through the highway safety grant and a truck would adequately haul our equipment to and from the site.”

Adamsville Codes Enforcement Officer Rick Chandler will drive the truck for regular duties.

“He could use the extra space in the back for dog kennels, recovering bulky or large amounts of stolen property, moving the speed trailer from location to location,etc.,” Vandiver stated. “A truck would be versatile and a benefit to the city as a whole.”

The commission also:

  • swore in Mayor David Leckner and commissioners:

Leckner was re-elected by a 643 (73.49 percent) to 224 (25.6) over challenger Jeffery Pyron. Leckner won his third term, becoming the longest serving in the town's more than 150-year history.

Emily Hopper (638 votes, 39.41 percent) and Matt Wood (625, 38.6) were elected to the commission.

Wood, who is also in his third term, was elected first in 2009. Hopper was appointed to the commission in February, 2019 after Mike Massey vacated his seat.

The Adamsville Town Commission meets at 5:30 p.m. the second Tuesday of each month.

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