Wilma Jerene

By Dorothy Goodrum

Wilma Jerene

Wilma Plunk Barnes was born July 2, 1931 to Jessie and Tony Plunk, the oldest of four children. At a very young age she married the love of her life, James Ray Smith. Their home was blessed with two boys, Ricky and Larry Smith. Unfortunately James died when the boys were very young.

Ms. Wilma’s middle name is Jerene, which she doesn’t like. Mr. James would say, “Wilma Jerene, Wilma Jerene, prettiest girl I ever seen”. Her son Ricky still teases her today by calling her that.

Ms. Wilma’s family said she always kept a spotless home. Today she still wants everything spotless. She keeps her room clean and often spends time in the dining room at McNairy County Health Care Center giving it the “Wilma” shine.

While she was home Ms. Wilma would baby sit for her sister Mary Ann. Mary Ann said her sister was a great cook. She said she could fry the best chicken livers and would often have a big plate of them cooked when she would go by after work to pick up Kelly. Ms. Wilma was also famous for her baked beans and pecan pies that she carried to family gatherings.

Ms. Wilma is a devoted mother who loves her two boys unconditionally. When her family comes to visit she always smiles and gives them a big hug and a kiss. Even though she has trouble forming some of her words she continues to show her love with her smile.

Before Ms. Wilma became sick she loved to tell about her friend who is also one of our residents, Ms. Willodean Clayton. She said they have been best friends since childhood and often played in their playhouse with their dolls.

Today Ms. Wilma is a very busy lady moving all about her hall sharing her smile and faithfully watching for her family. A mother’s love is unconditional and Ms. Wilma shows that love to the joys of her life, Ricky and Larry.

Wilma Jerene, Wilma Jerene, prettiest girl I ever seen. Yes Ms. Wilma, you are, yes you are.

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