USA Championship Wrestling comes to Selmer

By Amanda Lowrance

USA Championship Wrestling comes to Selmer

Tag team action, Jerry “The King” Lawler takes a beating from The Monster Albino Rhino in USA Wrestling action. Staff Photo by Amanda Lowrance

The line wrapped around the door as people bought tickets for USA Championship Wrestling at the Selmer Community Center Saturday.

Most of them were die-hard wrestling fans, who had the honor in of meeting some of wrestling’s finest. While awaiting bell-time, Matt Boyce made several laps around the crowd shaking hands, getting to know the children, and signing autographs.

Twenty-four year-old Boyce has made a living in wrestling for four years stationed out of Little Rock, Arkansas.

“I feel like I was born to wrestle,” said Boyce. “Wrestling chose me. I don’t feel like I chose it.”

Training every day and working out in the gym, Boyce’s favorite move is a frog slash cross body. He jumps off the top rope gaining high altitude and lands on his opponent in the middle of the ring.

“I did a match for WWE,” said Boyce. “I wrestled on ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) and that was the first time I was ever on worldwide TV. That was pretty amazing and dream come true. Hopefully there will be more of those to come.”

Boyce has taken many sacrifices including tearing his PCL, braking his fingers, chipping bones in his elbow, and fracturing his wrists.

“I’m doing what I love to do,” said Boyce. “I actually have a hairline fracture in my wrist right now. They’ll have to cast it to fix it and I don’t have that luxury right now. It’s part of the game. You just got to keep going.”

The night began with Derrick King getting in a win against Kid Thunder by a 1-2-3 hold with his legs on the rope.

Steve O threatened to take on King immediately after his scandalous win, but King denied.

Shane Williams got the crowd going after a defeat to Cody Melton by shouting, “I hate this town!” Selmer booed him back to the locker room.

Kevin White was announced as the “New Nature Boy” until someone in the audience called him a “chicken.” White faced off against Dangerous Doug Gilbert and lost.

Steve O made his way back to the ring to finish the battle with King and had a dramatic victory. Steve O made an exit yelling, “Thank you Selmer!”

Intermission had the fans grabbing food, drinks, autographs, and memorabilia up to the main event.

The Monster Albino Rhino, weighing in at 412 pounds, entered with tag team partner “Too Sexy” Brian Christopher against Matt Boyce and Jerry “The King” Lawler.

Lawler matched up against his son, Christopher. The kids were wearing their new purchased masks and holding up signs as they cheered for their favorite wrestler.

After Lawler and Boyce won the match, the two entered the crowd for more recognition. Lawler gave several public displays of rudeness while posing for photos just before throwing a tantrum and marching to the dressing room.

The idol role model broke many hearts with his misconduct. For those who missed the opportunity to see USA Championship Wrestling, there will be another chance. 

Steve O and Little Bruiser Midgets will be at the Selmer Community Center in the Back-to-School Spectacular on  Aug. 20.