TWRA investigates cache of animal parts found in meth bust

By Christen Coulon

TWRA investigates cache of animal parts found in meth bust

Photo Courtesy of TWRA

While the initiation to manufacture meth is a serious charge, it has sadly become common place in McNairy County as it has nationwide. On Jan. 2, members of the McNairy County Drug Task Force arrested two individuals, Jason W. Brown and Pamela Denise Smith of Overshot Rd. in
Adamsville on meth charges. However, during the search of their residence, DTF agents made a very unusual discovery...a large collection of illegal animal parts. 

The search by DTF agents Jamie Lowrance, David Johnson and James Frazier uncovered meth manufacturing items such as one-pot shake bottles, drain opener, drain cleaner and striped lithium which netted the suspects charges of initiation to manufacture meth, promotion of meth manufacture and possession of drug paraphernalia. 

However, searchers also began finding items such as raptor talons, hawk and owl talons, numerous protected turtles, hawk and owl feathers, a cottonmouth snake skin, wings and tails from hawks and owls, bags of protected bird feathers, various snake skins, an alligator head, numerous cottonmouth and copperhead snakes, an alligator tail, a bluejay, a pileated woodpecker, three snipes and a collection of frozen snake heads.