Teen feather fad frustrates anglers

Megan Smith

Teen feather fad frustrates anglers

It comes as a shock to many that the day has now come when fly fisherman and teenage girls are at odds, when beauty parlors and outdoor suppliers compete for merchandise, and when rock star Steven Tyler inspires the fashions of young girls nationwide.

However, with the hair feather extension fad sweeping the nation, this is precisely the case.  During the American Idol Season finale, Steven Tyler wore a feather in his hair, one of the very feathers used by fly fisherman in their outdoor endeavors.  

This fashion statement led to a trend that recently reached McNairy County.

According to Bella’s Beauty Shop Stylist Terra Wilburn, Bella’s ran out of the feathers a mere two days after receiving their order.

“We ordered 45.  They sold out fast.  We’ve had a lot of people wanting them,” said Wilburn.

Other local merchants are experiencing similar popularity with the hair feather extensions.  The Freckled Frog claims to have sold nearly 200 feathers after only a month of carrying them.

Jeannie Moore, owner of the Banana Box in Adamsville, says they have sold about 200 and are expecting an order of 500 to be received Wednesday.  

Brooke Benton, owner of Butterflies and Bumblebees in Selmer, says she has sold several dozen since the beginning of July.

 “In two weeks, I sold about 75.  In the entire time I’ve been doing them, I’ve probably sold over 200,” said Jodi McClellan, a Stylist at Emily’s in Selmer.

Emily’s has been selling the feathers for two months.  

West Court Choices has only been selling the hair feather extensions for three weeks, and according to Owner Shirley Cupples, they have sold about 50.  

“The younger children come for them,” said Cupples.

These local merchants all agree that the hair feathers are greatly increasing their revenue.  

“We have had several people come in here asking for them that hadn’t been in here before,” said Wilburn of Bella’s Salon.

All of the merchants offer a variety of color options in the hair feather extensions.  

According to McClellan at Emily’s, pink, teal, black, and white are among the most popular colors.

This feathery trend does not stop with hair extensions.  Moore at the Banana Box said, “I’ve got head band feathers, feather bracelets, feather necklaces, feather lapel pins, feather earrings.”

This trend seems completely harmless.  However, many fly fishermen would disagree.  The increased demand for these feathers in the fashion industry has led to a shortage for fly fishermen nationwide.

While it seems shocking that fly fishing equipment has become such a popular trend, Moore understands why the feathers have found such popularity.

“They are cute and something different,” Moore stated.