Selmer United falls to Storm 1-0

Amanda Lowrance

Selmer United falls to Storm 1-0

Three year veteran, Matt Doyle fights for possession against a Deportivo Parsons player. Staff Photo by Amanda Lowrance

Selmer United met at Jackson Central Merry High’s field against Deportivo Parsons on Sunday for the Jackson Soccer League Tournament but the game was abandoned after 55 minutes of play due to fierce weather conditions.

“It’s a very close game,” said Coach Laurence Enticott, just a goal in it. We have restricted them to very few chances. I have had my 45 minutes. If the lightning gets really close we’ll stop.”

Just shortly after talking with Enticott the game was called because of a passing lightning storm and high winds that held the game to a half-time score of 1-0 Deportivo Parsons.

“Obviously they have talent,” said Larry Williams, a new member of Selmer United. “I’m impressed with the guys that we got. We are working hard and playing against a very good team.”

Matt Boehler cheered and gave advice from the sideline this week due to a pulled hamstring two weeks ago against Guadalupano. Before the storm was introduced Boehler planned to attempt the last twenty minutes of the game as a sub.

“When I first came in I thought I was going to be good enough,” said Boehler referring to his injury. “I think we are playing really good defensively and that’s what we needed.”

“We struggled for the first 10 minutes,” said Laurence. “and conceeded early goal, but as the game went on we became more dominent. The last 10 minutes of the half we had six chances.” 

Eli Park had two shots on goal and Laurence Paul Hobbs, and Khale Denson had one shot on goal. Matt Doyle had eight and Thomas Reece had seven defensive stops.

“The best scoring chance,” said Laurence, “was my break away from half way, beating two defenders to the ball. Shot well saved by keeper diving to his right.”

The team will meet against Jesus Maria in what might be the last game of the tournament at Kate Campbell Field in Jackson, Tenn. on Sunday, July 31.