Selmer United competes in Jackson tournament

By Amanda Lowrance

Selmer United competes in Jackson tournament

Above: Playing attacking midfield, Yakyn Willcutts fights off a Guadalupano player for possession. Staff photo by Amanda Lowrance

On Sunday Selmer United, adult soccer played Guadalupano in the eleventh soccer match of the Jackson Soccer League Tournament at Jackson Central Merry High School. 

The final score of the game was 5-2 in favor of Guadalupano. Pedro Vascus and Khale Denson scored the two goals for Selmer United. Pedro also had five shots on goal. Noah Pavao had nine defensive stops, Ben Ramirez had eight, and Matt Doyle had five.

Three-year veterans Matt Doyle, who has accumulated 93 tournament defensive stops and Matt Boehler, who has 11 goals of the tournament provide feedback of the game.

“This was a tough game,” said Doyle. “We had a couple players out with injuries and that’s just how it goes I guess.”

“Today, we were really unlucky,” said Boehler. “I came out injured within the first ten minutes.” 

Matt was running down field
in the lead and with possession when he came limping off the
field holding his thigh. The
young, talented player took a
sub and sat on the sideline with an ice pack on his hamstring for the remainder of the game
as he cheered and gave the team

Coach Lawrence Enticott of Selmer United not only coaches but participates in the adult games. Enticott has played over 825 minutes of the tournament with 13 points, 12 shots on goal, 11 defensive stops, five assists, and four goals. 

He had a hamstring injury early in the season but continued to play on the injury and is now suffering, which limited his play on Sunday.

The rules of the tournament state that once subbed the original player cannot return back into the game. The rule also only allows a total of four subs within a game, which put a strain on Selmer United with limited, available players. 

Selmer United, sponsored by Leslie Fatowe Attorney at Law of Jackson, Tenn., began the tournament with a win over The Puma’s on April 3.

Over the course of the summer, Selmer United won against Santos and Alacranes De Durango, holding the eleventh position in tournament rankings.

“We have a few things to work on,” said Boehler. “I think this year is a learning process for our team since it is the first year it’s been in a structured league. I think we’ll learn from this and come out next week.”

The tournament is held every Sunday at various times. The upcoming match on Sunday, July 17 Selmer United is scheduled face off against Deportivo Parsons.