Selmer approves fireworks tents

By Jeff Whitten

The Selmer Board of Alderman approved an ordinance allowing fireworks tents in the city limits at its meeting last Tuesday.

The ordinance, approved on first reading, allows fireworks tents June 20-July 9 and December 21- January 5.

Anyone selling fireworks out of a tent must have a permit both from the State Fire Marshall and the city.

The city permit will cost $1,000 for the summer period and $500 for the winter period.

The ordinance also requires any tent owner to have $2,000,000 in insurance and to name the town as an additional insured.

Fireworks tents must be at least 60 feet from any occupied building and may only be on commercial/industrial property. They must be at least 45 feet from a right of way and 150 feet from a residence.

The ordinance prohibits smoking in the tents and requires no smoking signs.

Tents must be located 100 feet away from a fuel source and 750 feet away from each other.

The penalty for violating this ordinance is $50 per violation.

The ordinance was approved on a 3-2 vote with Vice-Mayor Paul Simpson and Alderman Lloyd Tennyson voting no and Aldermen Edward Smith, John Smith and John Finlayson voting in the affirmative.

“It seems to me that with everything a person has to do to qualify for that, there’s going to be very few that’s going to meet those requirements, and the Fire Chief seemed to recommend it. He didn’t have any problem with it,” Edward Smith said.

“If you read the ordinance, it’s pretty strenuous. Somebody’s going to have to be real serious about that. You and I can’t just set up a pup tent and sell them,” Mayor David Robinson said.

“I talked with the Fire Chief about it. It’s 41 pages of stuff he gave us. He went over it and said it would be tough to do it all, but it’s possible,” John Smith said.

“It’s gonna be pretty expensive for anyone to set up to do it,” said Edward Smith.

Nicky Atkins of Moody Auto Sales said, “I just think it will be something clean, quick, you get away and it’s gone.”

Atkins requested that the board allow fireworks tent at a previous meeting.

In other news from the meeting:

*Parks and Recreation Director Sybil Dancer said that the new benches downtown were purchased with the Downtown Grant received last year. She also showed the new banners that will be placed downtown. In addition, she showed the board the finalists for the welcome sign to Selmer. She said these signs will appear in the papers, allowing readers to vote on them.

*Selmer resident Mike Porter, who owns Eights and Aces Tattoo Parlor in Adamsville, expressed interest in locating a tattoo parlor in Selmer and requested that an ordinance requiring that they be located only in an industrial zone be changed.

*In response to a question by Norman Sheffield, Robinson said that no decision has been made on a name for the park that will be located on the Dixie property.

*Luke Delavergne thanked the board for supporting the Carl Perkins Center saying that it served twice as many children this year as last due to increased funding.