One-to-One program enables students to learn

Anne Bowers (Submitted Report)

Dear Editor,

Today we are all living in the technological age. The children are born into a multimedia world full of electronics, computers, and numerous other kinds of technology found everywhere in everything from the size of a button to the desktop computer sitting in every office building and many homes. Today’s children are born into a digital world; they learn differently than their parents and grandparents. They trust their parents, community leaders, and teachers to provide them with a quality education that will enable them to stay close to home in McNairy County upon high school graduation or to be able to compete in a thriving, quickly changing global market. We make the decisions that enable our children to become successful, productive individuals who can compete in the digital world around them. Together, we can provide a learning environment that takes students beyond the walls of their classrooms and into a world of endless opportunities. Fortunately, the One-to-One Initiative Program, implemented in our county schools four years ago, transforms the learning process and ensures that digital-age students are empowered to learn as they know how to learn; today’s students must be critical thinkers and problem solvers if they are to live and work successfully in our ever-changing world. Technology literacy is a crucial component in the educational process of our children today.

The school system’s technology supervisor has spent many years staying abreast of the technological advances needed in our county schools; consequently, there are many classrooms with a laptop computer for each child. Computer labs are stationed in many schools providing further access to students; teachers have had much training in order for the program to be successful, and grants have been written to supplement the financial needs of the program.

I appreciate all the support given to the One-to-One program and am very grateful to the City of Adamsville for the commitment and on-going support being made. I humbly ask that the City of Selmer reconsider the most recent decision made regarding this much needed resource for the students of McNairy County.


Anne Bowers

One-to-One Teacher

Michie School