New industry comes to Adamsville

Jeff Whitten

The City of Adamsville has signed a deal to lease the old Garan building to American Powersports Manufacturing Co (APMC).

The lease was signed on June 2, according to City Administrator Steve Simon.

The company could employ 150 to 185 people within six months, Simon said. 

The company is planning a job fair this month.

Phase one of the operation would begin by the latter part of this month, which would involve moving the packing operation to the building’s basement, would employ 10 to 15 people. The operation will be expanded in four phases until it is at full strength.

Some employees of the company would move from the company’s present location in Memphis, but the vast majority of the jobs will be local, Mayor David Leckner told a special called meeting of the Adamsville City Commission earlier this month.

Under the terms of the five-year lease, the rent for the first month would be $1,000 and would increase to $4,000 within three months. The company would be responsible for utilities.

According to Mayor David Leckner, there is a possibility that the lease will be renegotiated in order to extend it or that APMC will buy the building at some point in the future.

The company manufactures and assembles all terrain vehicles, mopeds, motorcycles and high fuel efficiency two-seat cars.

They ship a lot of their products to Canada and Mexico and many of their parts come from China for assembly.

AMPC has been located in Memphis, but is seeking to reduce its overhead.

The company had contacted the city about a year ago, but nothing came of it until it approached the city again recently, according to Leckner.

“We’re excited that there are a lot of good things happening,” said Simon.

As well as bringing jobs to the city, he said that the deal will relieve the city from the responsibility for upkeep for the building.

“This will help turn a financial load into a benefit,” Simon said.

Leckner echoed Simon’s excitement, “As a city we are very excited that we have somebody coming in that will create all these jobs. We were happy at first just to remove the burden of paying utilities on the building. We wish APMC the best and will be offering them as much support as possible.”