Milledgeville swears in mayor

By Andrew Alexander

Dannie Kennedy was sworn in as the new mayor of the city of Milledgeville after former mayor Leland Alexander finished his duties aligned with old business on Monday night at the monthly meeting of the Milledgeville Mayor and Board of Aldermen.

Alexander swore in Kennedy, and the new mayor then swore in new aldermen Hershel Hollin of McNairy County, Ricky Hollin of McNairy County, Brenda Essary of Hardin County, and Steve Hutton of Chester County.

The meeting began with Alexander addressing the 2011 financial report and aldermen present at the meeting passing the budget unanimously.

Alexander then gave way to the city’s attorney, Danny Smith, to have the floor to speak about the Milledgeville Baptist Church and discrepancies regarding the deed to the property.

Smith stated that the church was to be donated to the city of Milledgeville as a gift from Dr. M.O. Ross.

The issue with the deed is the fact that a loan was taken out as collateral on the property on which the church sat.

Unfortunately, for the city of Milledgeville, this issue is keeping the city from voting on whether or not to accept the gift being donated.

In an attempt to avoid litigation Smith said that the legal aspects of the agreement were still being worked out with Community South, a bank who claims to have the true active deed in their possession. 

Smith then advised that voting on this matter should be held off until the issues with the deed are completely cleared up, and according to city recorder Margie Alexander, “that could take quite some time.”

Following this detailed legal explanation of the town’s possession of Milledgeville Baptist Church, Alexander brought attention to the second, and final, reading of the Milledgeville annual town budget which passed unanimously, and then assured those present at the meeting that “Children at Play” signs have arrived and will be installed as soon as possible.

Alexander’s final business as the Mayor of Milledgeville was a motion regarding the placement of the Jimmy Tuberville Memorial on the Milledgeville Volunteer Fire Department which passed unanimously as well.

Mayor Kennedy’s first order of business was to address new culverts being needed on Hillcrest and Perry Street, which were allegedly damaged by Adamsville city employees working on water lines in Milledgeville.

Kennedy’s second order of business was to present the aldermen with the issue of electing a vice mayor for the town, and a motion was made that Tony McMurry assume the role with that motion passing unanimously as well.

Mayor Kennedy nominated Margie Alexander to remain the Milledgeville city recorder. A motion was made in favor of the selection and the motion passed unanimously.

Finally, the new mayor and board aldermen voted to increase the pay of the city recorder and city attorney of Milledgeville.