Michie candidates reveal platforms

By Jeff Whitten

Michie candidates for Mayor Mike Glisson and Anthony Smith have communicated their priorities to the Independent Appeal.

Smith mentioned maintaining a balanced budget and seeking grants to improve the water system and roads as two things he will be seeking to accomplish over the next four years if he is elected.

“Our water department is a great asset and must be maintained at a high level for quality water,” Smith said.

In response to why he is running, Smith cited his experience in business and public office. “My 13 years as Fire Chief and 12 years as alderman  as well as running my own business for 40 years has given me the experience to handle the job since I am familiar with all aspects of the city,” he said.

Smith said that the city has a great city park and fire department that he helped build, and they must be taken care of as well.

He said that he has worked well with the present Mayor and Board of Aldermen and wants to improve the city and make it the best possible.

“I have always been a strong supporter of our school and think we have the best one in the world,” he concluded.

Glisson said he is running for Mayor because has lived in Michie four or five years. “I like the people, a very close-knit group of people, for the most part and would like to see things continue in the way that they’ve been,” he said.a

One of Glisson’s priorities is a tornado warning system. “With the changing weather, this is something that would affect every citizen of the town,” he said. Glisson said there is federal granat money available for this purpose.

He also favors continuing the industrial burning ban.This ban prohibits the burning of anything that will emit harmful odor or residue and applies to individuals under some circumstances.

Glisson proposes upgrading the Michie water system and funding these upgrades through federal and state grants.

He said he would like to see a restaurant or two in Michie and will actively seek to recruit them.

Glisson notes that because he does not operate a business in Michie, actions by the board will not affect him in that capacity. “My interest is as a citizen and no more,” he said.

Glisson also favors an ordinance requiring Michie elected officials to only hold office in Michie. “We are elected by the citizens of Michie to do a job, and I just believe it should be done on the nights appointed,” he said.