Michie approves change to liquid bleach

By Janet Rail

Monday, June 27, the Mayor and board approved minutes from the May 23rd meeting and the financial report.  A discussion to change from chlorine gas to liquid bleach for their water purification plant pursued.  Roger Jenkins, operator trainee, addressed the board stating it was dangerous working with chlorine gas, especially when you are working by yourself to change out the chlorine. “Safety is my number one thing even if changing may be more expensive. It only takes a few whiffs of gas to kill you,” Jenkins said.

It was reported that the city now pays approximately $246.60 month for chlorine, and bleach will cost $458.40; however, with the gas over 25,000 gallons of water were required and with liquid bleach there will be no use of any water. The board approved a switch to liquid bleach and the use of an engineering firm Barge, Wagoner, Sumner and Cannon of Nashville to present to the board a plan to switch from gas to liquid at an estimated cost of $500 for the plan and additional $150 to the state. “I see no reason to risk someone’s life over $2,400 in annual expenditures,” stated Alderman Mike Glisson. 

Mayor Don Greer stated that the reason the city operates in the red is due to some water customers not paying as they give customers a 10-day grace to pay. The recommendation was to lengthen the grace period to 15 days with water cut off after the 20th of the month as all customers receive their bills on the 1st of each month with a $10 reconnect fee established in 1968. The board made a motion to raise the reconnect fee to $20 and after hours reconnects from $25 to $50 which was approved unanimously.

The board approved repair of their Diebold 816 Audio One-on-One System in lieu of purchasing a new unit that serves as the drive-through window. The option to repair the audio and retrofit the drawer was a total of $1,151 with replacement costs of over $7,000. 

The board approved a spending prioritization policy as defined in accordance with Governmental Accounting Standards Board Statement No. 54 Fund Balance Reporting and Governmental Fund Type Definitions. 

A resolution was reviewed and approved appropriating donations/contributions to nonprofit charitable and nonprofit civic organizations that provide services benefitting the general welfare of the residents of Michie. Contributions made annually are for Dixie Youth $750, Senior Citizens Center $500 and Quinco $250.

The board approved the 3rd reading of the 2011 budget and amendments of the budget.

It was reported that the fence at the city park was completely installed. 

Alderman David Baker reported a fire department employee passed him in a curve in a double yellow line recently. “No law gives them the right to speed. The employees are supposed to follow the law and if we find out who it is we will discipline them,” stated Greer.

Some road signs were reported missing and may be the result of being hit or stolen. The board then adjourned.