McNairy fights hard in 49-19 district loss

By Amanda Lowrance

McNairy fights hard in 49-19 district loss

Photo by Amanda Lowrance

The McNairy Central Bobcats met their district rival in Jackson, Tenn. at Liberty Technology Magnet High School last Friday and fell 43-13.

“We told the team it was going to be a battle and that we had a lot of faith in them,” said Jim Glover, head coach of the Bobcats.

Even though the competition was expected to be tough and the Liberty Crusaders showed confidence, the Bobcats still wanted a win.

“I think that we gave up some plays early and it got us at a deficit,” said Glover. “My guys played with a lot of class and a lot of intensity. I think our fan base can see that. I think they can see improvement.”