Looking back 60 years ago

By Nancy Wardlow Kennedy

During the next four months Pickwick Electric will rephrase 40 miles of lines.

Mr J Louis Adams was appointed Civil Defense Director for McNairy County.  Dr T N Humphrey was appointed Civil Defense Medical Director and Mrs Ruby Adams appointed Civil Defense Nurse.    The importance of being prepared for attack by an enemy of this country.  

Stephen Foster Club met in the home of Mr and Mr Alton Scott.  A bountiful ‘bring-a-dish’ was enjoyed by all.  

34 ladies of Selmer met in the High School building and organized a Junior Civic League for the purpose of the betterment and improvement of Selmer, with emphasis on youth work.    Officers were elected: President - Mrs Carroll Walker; VP - Mrs Tom Ellis; 1st VP - Miss Kathleen Wright; 2nd VP - Mrs R B Gooch Jr; Secretary - Mrs Wayne Littlefield.    Other committee appointed: Mrs T N Humphrey, Mrs Bill Smith, Mrs Joe Dave Robinson, Mrs B T Kiser.  

Pvt Joe Ebb Wyatt has finished basic training at Camp Breckinridge, Ky.  He is the son of Mr and Mrs Ebb Wyatt of Stantonville.  He will go to New Jersey for further orders.

Family reunion held at Shiloh Park: Mrs Alice Browning; Mr and Mrs Lee Browning; Robert, Larry, & Kenneth; Mr and Mrs Troy Ward; Mr and Mrs Fred Templeton, Jimmy & Linda; Mr and Mrs Bill Browning and daughter; Mr and Mrs Delmer Harrison and daughter; Mr and Mrs John Neal Martin; Mr and Mrs Robert Johnson; Mr and Mrs E G Sowell and baby; Mr and Mrs Robert Bratton & son; Mr and Mrs Bunk Gray; Mr Frank Gray; Mr George Taylor; Mr and Mrs Arch Gray Motten; Mr and Mrs Robert Lee Hawkins.  Pictures were taken and a tour of the park was enjoyed.

Small retailers given more time to file their Ceiling Price Reports.  

The Latta Motor Junior American Legion baseball team has opened the 1951 season.  All interested boys between 13 and 18 years of age, may try out at Selmer High School.  Bring your gloves and shoes.  

The new dial system for telephones go into service June 5th for Selmer and Bethel Springs at 10:00 am.  Selmer customer who want to call Bethel Springs should dial ‘28’ then the number desired in Bethel Springs.  For Bethel Springs customers  to call Selmer, dial ‘7’ then the number desired in Selmer.  Selmer residents who want to talk to parties in Adamsville should dial ‘27’ and ask for number desired in Adamsville.  Adamsville residents who wish to talk to parties in Selmer should ask the Adamsville Telephone Operator to dial the desired number in Selmer.

To call the sheriff or report a fire call 3881.  For city recorder’s office, dial 3677.

Old 16th by U N Bullman: Several from this community attended the Decoration at New Church Sunday.  We extend sympathy to all the bereaved of Mrs Abbie Bridges.  She died suddenly last Thursday morning while at work.  She was an employee of Slant & Slant in Henderson.  Everybody in reach of Hopewell church is cordially invited to attend Sunday School every Sunday and preaching every first and third Sundays.  There are quite a few cases of measles in the neighborhood.

Guys by Mrs John Sharp: Children visiting their families, planting, drought, births, deaths, courage, sickness and prayer is the account of this community since the last correspondence.  Births include Vicki Sharon Sheldon, daughter of Ruby Nell Petty Sheldon.  Thomas Keith Suggs, is the infant son of Mr and Mrs Thomas Suggs.  Mrs Suggs is the former Miss Dorothy Beck.   Mr M N Mullins was claimed by death.  Marlen Harben has joined the great exodus of young people working in Memphis. Marlen Harben, Lanoel Rinehart and Phereby Wilmeth were graduates of Ramer High School this spring.  Mr J H Hamm was carried to Baptist Hospital in Memphis two weeks ago.  Mrs Lewis Hamm has been undergoing observation in Sander’s clinic.  Mr and Mrs Gilbert McCarter and sons are making their home in Guys at the present. John Sharp Jr, Ann Phillips, Lola Bess Basinger, Nancy Crabtree and Dudley Dancer, Mr and Mrs Charles Ammons attended a Piano Concert in Jackson.  

Cox’s Community by Dottie Jean Cox: Several from our community attended Decoration and Homecoming at Woodville.  Miss Dottie Cox celebrated her 14th birthday last Monday and Mrs Malo Whitten celebrated her 35th birthday last Thursday.    Several in the community are already chopping cotton.    Mrs Elize Donahoe is suffering from injuries and a broken arm.  Several in our community have been attending the revival at Hornsby.  

Mt Gilead Home Demonstration Club met in the home of Mrs Elbert Kiestler with 16 present, including two visitors, Mrs Pearl Mayfield and Miss Ann Mitchell.  Mrs E C Causey called the meeting to order and Mrs Carl Wilson gave the devotional.  Reports were made by Mrs W C Henson and Mrs J E Henley.  Contests were held with Mrs W R Hanna winning the prize.  A delicious plate was served by Mrs John Mitchell and Miss Ann Mitchell.

Beauty Hill by Mrs E C Holland: The dry weather and strong winds are discouraging to the farmers of this community.  With the new road now under construction and the dial system almost complete this rural section has much to be thankful for.    Little Tilman Johnson has been very sick.  Miss Nora Jean Scott is visiting her aunt at Matthews, Mo, and hoeing cotton there.

New Esso ServiCenter now open at Junction Hwy 45 & 64 in North Selmer.  W T Greer, owner and manager.  Enjoy clean, convenient rest rooms, soft drinks, candy, cigarettes and the new Modern Esso Servicenter.

News of the Colored by Lula Prather: Mr and Mrs Jeff Wiley were called to Corinth because of the death of his daughter.  Mrs Charline Roach, a musical student at Lane College was presented in a recital last Monday night.  Pvt Allene Wiley is home on furlough visiting his family in Bethel Springs.  

Rose Creek by Jo Edna Smith: Misses Morine King and Mary Lulal Graham have returned home from Washington, D.C. where they were employed by the F.B.I.   Junior Pollard left Sunday to go to Chillecothe, Ill.

The color in the American flag stand for courage (red) liberty (white) and loyalty (blue).

Hine’s Store by Miss Irma Plunk: Pvt Rube Whitaker has been home on furlough from Ft Benning, Ga to visit his parents Mr and Mrs Fletcher Whitaker. Mr Alton Hunter is home from school visiting his parents Mr and Mrs Jim Hunter.

Showing at the Ritz next week: I Can Get It For You Wholesale - Showdown - Operation Pacific - Sierra Passage - Son Of Billy The Kid - Three Guys Named Mike.  

In general, the pupils of poisonous snakes are elliptical and those of harmless ones are round, but there is no fixed rule.

The Chinese have for many centuries considered it courteous to remove their spectacles when talking to another person.

Mr R B Majors, died suddenly of a heart attack near his home west of Adamsville, May 25, 1951.  He was 86 years old.  Funeral services conducted by Bro W L Gilmore of Selmer, were held at the Adamsville Presbyterian Church and burial in Adamsville cemetery. Shackelford Funeral Directors were in charge of arrangements.  Pallbearers were: Robert G Majors, James Williams, Charles L Majors, William R Mayors, James Patterson and Edward Horner.  The deceased is survived by three daughters: Mrs Hattie Williams, Miss Vallie Majors and Miss Mary Lou Majors; and four sons:  C L Majors, Carl F Majors, Leland Majors and Gilcie Majors and several grandchildren.

Barthella Glover, age 79, died at her residence near Corinth May 25, 1951.  She was a member of the Baptist Church.  Services were held at the Mr Vinson Church and burial in the cemetery there.  The deceased is survived by  three sons: G W Glover, Jessie Glover and Hubert Glover; and three daughters: Miss Pearl Glover, Mrs Ruth Stewart, and Mrs Celia Patterson. Ten grandchildren and one sister Nancy Jane Miller.

Ramer by Mrs J R Hamm: Mr L G Vaughn will receive a master’s degree from Peabody College June 8th.  R C Johnson is attending Mississippi State College this summer.  Carman Gibson is attending Middle Tenn. Teachers College.  

Mt Gilead by Mrs Eloise Foster: the farmers of this community are needing rain at this writing.   Mr Roy Capps has been ill for some time.  There will be preaching at Mt Gilead Saturday night and Sunday, June 3 and 4.  Every one is cordially invited.

Gravel Hill by Mrs Opal Gray: Don Huggins is convalescing after a tonsilectomy in the Community Hospital in Corinth.  The Home Demonstration Club met in the home of Mrs Myrtle Armstrong with 11 members present.

The Stantonville Home Demonstration Club met in the school lunch room.  The all day meeting was a lesson in hat-making with each member bringing a covered dish for lunch.   Fourteen ladies participated in making hats and purses from natural colored straw braid.    Mrs Ernest Harrison and Mrs Hayze Brown from the Shiloh Club were visitors, and Mrs Godfrey from the Oxford Creek Club.  

Rocky Knob by Katheryn Booker: Mr Willie Pickett is home from the hospital after a three month treatment.  Mr W C Michael, Mrs Jim White and Mr Eugene Michael visited Mr and Mrs Elbert Booker and Mary Ellen recently.  The occasion was in honor of Mr W C Michael’s 62nd birthday and his daughter’s, Mrs Booker’s birthday.  Other guests: Mr and Mrs R I Robison, Mrs Lula Poindexter.   Mr and Mrs Dulan Crowe are proud parents of a baby boy.  He has been given the name Geary Linn.  

Beginning June 6, 1951, we will close each Wednesday during the months of June, July and August: Selmer Bank & Trust.

Mr and Mrs J H Irwin of Stantonville announce the engagement of their daughter, Carolyn Jean, to Mr Garvin Owen Tate of Washington.  Carolyn finished school at Selmer and is now working for A A & T in Memphis.  Mr Tate is the son of Mr and Mrs W H Tate of Ramer.  He finished high school at Ramer and is now employed by the F.B.I. in Washington, DC.

A & G Market has been in business in Selmer for three years under a partnership.  Will Terry Abernathy is now the sole owner. Under the new O.P.S. price program, we price our goods at or below Group 4.  This week you can get a 10-lb of sugar at our store for 91¢.  Anyone who thinks a 1¢ profit on this item is 

unreasonable can look elsewhere.  A & G will handle edible beef only and Due Hester, the best meat man this side of Kansas City, will guarantee quality, fair price and honest weight. Due Hester, Market Manager; Mary Bess Abernathy, Cashier; Billy McClain and Marie McClain extra clerks; Z T Amos and Razzie Clary, Delivery.  A & G market, phone 115.  Free delivery.

Selmer by Mrs Terry Abernathy: Captain Monte Earl Smith and family have been home on furlough.  Mr and Mrs Horry Browder went to Memphis to hear billy Graham.  Mrs O V Erwin and Mrs E M Smith were called to Corinth his week on account of the death of their sister Mrs Ada Stovall Barnes.  Mrs Barnes was reared in Bethel Springs, the daughter of Mr and Mrs Randolph Stovall.  Mrs allen Wooten will graduate from MSC this week.

Volume 48 No 26.  Wilbur Wright, Editor and Publisher.