Life Skills Summer Camp

There are a lot of activities that go on in the summer for children, but none like the Life Skills Summer Camp for approximately thirty 4th-8th grade students at Michie Elementary School funded by a grant through the Youth Empowerment Initiative.  For three and a half weeks in June the students enjoyed working on their academics through the use of computers, learning about measurements and budget preparation in math, and improving their reading skills. 


The home skills included activities in cooking, sewing, home decorating, menu planning, and creating grocery lists. The students were given the opportunity to plan and decorate a room.  They went on line and selected furniture and accessories for their rooms.  Each student was given a budget to buy the items necessary to decorate the room they had planned.  This activity included a trip to Henco Furniture where they visited the many showrooms and made very good budget and value conscious selections for their particular room.  After shopping they enjoyed lunch on the street prepared by the Whistle Stop Cafe. Students were given instructions on how to finance and pay for their furniture. 


One week’s activities included auto maintenance...checking the tires, fluid levels and the proper way to wash a vehicle and some did get washed (as did some students.) This week of activities ended with a trip to the Car Museum in Tupelo, MS where they were able to see vintage and classic autos.  The trip to Tupelo included a visit to the home of Elvis Presley.


There were two programs presented on making right choices about friends, social activities, and attitudes.  They were provided tools for handling difficult decisions and some strategies for self esteem issues.  A community service project was also completed for some of the teachers in grades K-2 with the assembling of notebooks that the students will use in class.


And what could be more fun on a rainy day, when an outdoor trip had to be canceled, than grilling out burgers, video games, and “Cup Cake Wars”?  They made and decorated cup cakes, both teams were winners-- and the cup cakes were delicious.  


Students culminated the week by making framed memory collages with pictures from the activities they had enjoyed at the Life Skills Camp. The students believed they were better equipped to deal with life issues, make good choices and be better citizens as the camp came to a close. Everyone had a great time and look forward to doing some of these same activities during the year through the after school program.