Last Purdy convenience store to close

By Jeff Whitten

Last Purdy convenience store to close

Green Beetle Manager Shelia Kiddy rings up a sale to Josh Henson. Staff Photo By Jeff Whitten

Purdy convenience store the Green Beetle will close at the end of June, according to owner Lavon Sullivan.

According to Sullivan, the reason she is closing the store is that she wants to retire. She is seeking to sell both the store and the adjoining house where she lives.

Shelia Kidd manages the store and is  Sullivan’s daughter. She does not want to carry on the store because she wants to spend more time with her kids.

“I’m wanting some home time,” she said. “I don’t want to carry it on. I don’t think my kids want to carry it on. It’s definitely a family thing. That’s what’s important and that’s what keeps a place like this going. I’ve worked for my mother for twenty-something years,” she said.

Despite the tough economy, Kidd says that “business is really booming this year.”

This is not the first store Sullivan owned in Purdy. She owned Sullivan’s One Stop for around 20 years. She and her husband thought they wanted to retire and sold it to Ruth Hill, but missed owning a store and opened the Green Beetle in 2003.

Both the mother and daughter worked at Brown Shoe Company before they ended up working at the store. While Kidd was laid off from the shoe factory, her mother asked her to come to work for her at the store.

“I got a temporary lay off, but while I was laid off, Mom said, ‘Why don’t you come help me. I need somebody. I need another worker.’ So I did and when they called me to come back to the shoe factory, I didn’t,” Kidd said.