It’s all about Grace

By Dorothy Goodrum

It’s all about Grace

Grace Burks

Grace is something we do not feel like we have earned or deserve. It could also be described as someone else paying a penalty we do deserve.

Mrs. Grace Burks was born May 22, 1912 in Stantonville, TN where she attended school and lived most of her life. At the age of 15 she married Ocie Burks and they had two daughters, Wilma Taylor and Dorla (Tina) Cain. She also has four grandchildren, four great grandsons and two great great granddaughters.

Mrs. Grace worked at Brown Shoe Company for 28 years. Later she worked at Bomars Café in Adamsville, TN and sat with elderly people. She liked to sew, crochet, quilt and cook but her main passion was working in her flowers. She always had flowers blooming all summer and would share a bouquet with who ever came by. She loved people and always enjoyed their visits. Now she has a crippled hip which she says was caused from digging too many holes in the ground for her flowers.

Mrs. Grace lived with her daughter Tina for over two years after the doctor said she was no longer able to care for herself. About a year ago she came to live at McNairy County Health Care Center and has adjusted well. Even though she has a problem with her eyesight she still recognizes voices and enjoys visits from her family and friends.

When I was talking to another resident about Mrs. Grace today I made a comment about how much I love her. The resident replied, “Honey, everybody loves Ms. Grace”. I guess it is because she shows so much “grace” to everyone. We both agreed she is a very kind lady!!