In Memory of Nicole & Raven Griswell





Nicole 8-20-1988 - 6-17-2007

Raven 10-4-1992 - 6-16-2007

By Myself

Everyday, I dream about you. Everyday I’m always alone. I had wished I won’t be by myself here without you. I miss you so much. I remember the time we walked to the creek. That day that time. I know I was “By Myself” here without you. You were the world to me everywhere you went I was right there with you, but now I’m “By Myself” here without you. I last remember those times we spent watching people dance on Friday night. But knowing I’m sitting alone “By Myself” here without you. I remember walks from the store but now I’m “By Myself” here without you. Nobody knows how I feel right now “By Myself” here without you.



Your Little Brother Riley Griswell


It has been four years since you have been gone. We miss you so much and still love you so much.



Granny Leona, Riley, Daddy, Mommy, Granny Betty & your family & friends