In Memory of Molly

Submitted Report

In Memory of Molly

Dec. 30, 1993 - June 16, 2002


I have thought and thought about what I would say to you on this the 9th anniversary of your death. So many times when I’m lying in bed and everything is quiet I speak to you. I feel you especially close then. I also talk to you throughout the day and memories overflow my heart and mind. My thoughts now are of what you would be doing if you were here. Right now you would be facing your final year of school and you would be looking ahead to college. You would be making so many plans and I would be there right beside you. So this year will be especially hard because I won’t get to see you graduate with your brother. I won’t get to help you make plans for your future and start a life of your own. Molly I will hang on to memories to get me through. I want you to know that I am finally at a point where good memories are overtaking the bad. When you hear “time heals all pain” I guess this is what they mean. Yes, the pain is still there and sometimes it is overwhelming, but through God’s grace bad memories are getting harder to remember. Molly, I want you to know each day I wake up you are in my thoughts. Everything I try to do here on this earth is because of you, your Dad and brothers. If I am able to help someone it is only because of what my family gives me, which is strength, love and compassion. Your dad and I will be married 25 years this year. It is hard to believe. We have been through so much together.

We have had incredible highs and the lowest of the lows. Your illness and losing you was the hardest. I cannot imagine going through this with anyone else. I cannot imagine my life without him or your brothers. When you first get married you have no idea what lies ahead, which is best. But if I had to do this all over I would want to do this with your Dad. We have grown in our faith. We have grown in compassion and hopefully together we are teaching your brothers to carry on our desire to help others. Molly, you would be so proud of your brothers, they have been there every time we help someone and they love doing this. Maybe through them when your Daddy and I are gone, they will continue to help others like the Bible tells us and will love their neighbors as we have been taught through God’s Word. In closing, know that your Dad and I love you more today than yesterday. We will keep your memory alive and I promise I will continue to help others through your memory. We will see you again one day, but until then I try to make you proud. Know that your Daddy and I will join you someday and until then we have beautiful memories to cling to.

P.S. Tell T-Tom that Hunter is playing the banjo at church and please give him a hug.

We love you,

Mom and Dad