Human remains found by newcomers

By Janet Rail

Human remains found by newcomers

McNairy County Sheriff’s Department gathering remains of a body found at site. The body has yet to be identified, and an autopsy will be conducted in Memphis to identify remains. Staff Photo by Janet Rail

Last Wednesday, newcomers to Selmer reported potential human bones being brought to their home by their dog.

Elyse Henderson and her family recently relocated from Martin, Tenn. to Selmer.  The couple resides at 237 Clay Hill Drive. According to Elyse, their dog had been bringing bones to the home which looked like they could be the remains of a human. Her husband then found a man’s wallet and a portion of a man’s pants in their front yard. The Henderson’s immediately reported their findings to McNairy County Sheriff’s Deputy Josh Gilbert who initiated an investigation.

County investigators arrived on the scene and discovered the remains of a body approximately 100 yards from the Henderson’s home and the neighboring trailer in a wooded area behind both residences. According to Sheriff Guy Buck, they believed the body was of a man reported missing on May 6, 2011 who stayed in the trailer beside the Henderson’s home. “It was not unusual to miss him for the man would come and go from the residence,” stated Buck.

Investigators found decayed remains of the body which was gathered and sent to McNairy Regional Hospital and the county medical examiner then forwarded to the medical examiner’s office in Memphis to determine the identification and cause of death.  It was reported that a medical prescription filled on May 6, 2011 was also found beside the body which was empty at the time of discovery. County Investigator Brad Johnson was assigned to the case and ongoing investigation.

According to Buck, the department has no formal report from the medical examiner as to the identification of the body or cause of death.