Hoops for Hunter update

Amanda Lowrance

Hoops for Hunter update

The Wilson Family presented the THBDF with a $1180 check from the proceeds of Hoops for Hunter.

The Hoops for Hunter Tournament held closely a month ago on May 14 at the Selmer Community Center raised $1180.

Hunter, Adam, and LeAnn Wilson presented the check to the Tennessee Hemophilia and Bleeding Disorder Foundation at their annual meeting this weekend in Nashville, Tenn.

Adam and LeAnn received the New Initiative of the Year Award for all their efforts to the foundation.

The family has been fighting this bleeding disorder since three-year-old Hunter was born with hemophilia.

“I order Hunter around $4000 for shots a month,” said mother LeAnn. “This is one of the most expensive disorders.”

He takes two shots a week at $500 per shot. Some take shots more often than that.

At the meeting he met with other children that have the same disorder. The foundation refers to them as “blood brothers”.

For more information or to make donations to the THBDF foundation visit them on the web at www.thbdf.org.