Guys officials campaign to keep post office

By Janet Rail

In last Monday night’s regular meeting of the board, the mayor and aldermen set out to develop a grassroots campaign to prevent the local Guys Post Office from potential closure. This post office, along with many across the nation, is currently under consideration by the federal government for closure as recently published by the Independent Appeal.

In response to the news, the board is requesting all concerned citizens to meet at the community center at 6 p.m. on Thursday night to discuss a strategy to lobby the state and federal government to keep their post office open. “I believe we need to get a petition and have as many citizens sign it as possible. There is no reason that Alderman Dickey should have a Ramer address when he lives within the city limits of Guys. We need to fight for our community and our post office,” stated Mayor Keith Rinehart.

Town attorney Ryan Feeney and the board reviewed a couple of possible petitions they plan to forward to US Senators Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker as well as Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn, State Representative Vance Dennis and Senator Dolores Gresham. “We need to get the word out and get citizens here Thursday who care to help us save the post office,” said Alderman L. B. Rinehart.

The petition states that the community has roots back to the late 1800’s, and the post office has been in its current location since the early 1900’s and is a vital part of and serves as the cornerstone of their community.

“Postal workers can’t tell us anything, but if it comes down to closing we will get official notice of a town meeting with a postal employee. The more interest we have as a community, the better our chances of keeping our post office. If closure is pending, I was told if the postal service receives one letter in protest, they will review the closure again,” stated Mayor Rinehart.

In other business, the board approved July 18 minutes and financial reports. It was reported that the city had possession of the three tornado sirens and was expecting the grant money to arrive within the next couple of weeks.

“Our bank balance is nearing $200,000 and that was the amount we had when we did the last city street paving. We need to consider this in the future,” said the mayor. A lot has been cleaned off to accommodate placement of the third siren. Alderman Chris Howard reported the city has purchased less than two tons of cold mix but is repairing roads at present. 

They passed the second reading of the 2011-2012 budget totaling $167,487.00.

The city and attorney Feeney reviewed a letter from citizen Larry Stuart who owns a building on Guys – Chewalla Road requesting a ditch be cleaned out and a parking lot restored as well as other items in the request. Feeney will respond to citizen on behalf of the city.