Glover steps down

By Amanda Lowrance

Glover steps down

Staff Photo by Amanda Lowrance

On Halloween, as the school day drew to a close, Bobcat Football Head Coach Jim Glover turned in a letter of resignation to the McNairy Central High School Principal Cecil Stroup.

The letter was addressed to Principal Stroup and was written in three or four short sentences. The letter thanked everyone for their support, especially to Principal Stroup. It stated that at this time he would resign from his position as head coach and to please share his thanks to Superintendent Charlie Miskelly and the school board.

Glover gave the Independent Appeal a brief and understandable explanation.

“My family and I had decided this was best and had made the decision about midseason, but I wanted to finish out the season with my team,” said Glover. “I have really enjoyed my three years as coach, but have missed some things in my family’s life.”