Glass stores located only a stones throw apart

By Andrew Alexander

Glass stores located only a stones throw apart

Selmer Glass Company and Paul Borden Glass are located across the street from one another on Warren Avenue. Staff Photo by Andrew Alexander

McNairy County now has the luxury of two glass stores in the heart of downtown Selmer, and oddly enough, they are right across the street from one another.

On July 1, 2011 Selmer Glass Company Inc. moved from their location of 30 plus years at 133 Warren Ave. to a building right across the street. On the same day Paul Borden Glass moved into the building Selmer Glass had just moved out of.

Selmer Glass Company Inc.’s president Fredrick Culver said that heart-related health issues forced his father, and former owner of the company, Hubert, to pass the business down to him after purchasing the company from previous owner, Gordon Yopp.

Culver said the move to their new location across the road at 132 Warren Ave. came after the company decided to do away with auto-glass repair.

“The original glass company did a lot of auto-glass, or replacement windows, and things like that require a lot of extra space,” said Culver. “We decided to downsize. It saves money by cutting our rent in half.”

The company now specializes in mirrored glass, tinted glass, and insulated glass, which is one of their major concentrations, according to Culver, because no other glass businesses in the area does insulated glass.

Paul Borden, owner of PBG which is now located only a stones throw away from Selmer Glass, has been in the industry for 29 years and said the move to the new location came out of necessity.

Borden said he has been working with companies out of Memphis from his home for almost three decades, specializing in custom made glass, shower doors, and shower frames, but his home no longer provided an adequate amount of workspace. 

PBG plans to cover a wide area catering to everyone from the Mississippi River to the Tennessee River and from Paducah, Ky. to Oxford, Miss, according to PBG Manager Scott Turner.

Turner said the company has put in at least $5,000 worth of renovations into the new facility already in preparation for the store’s initial opening on last Tuesday, with plans for the grand opening coming later in the month. 

“We’ve completely remodeled the showroom,” said Turner. “We have installed new hardwood floors, built a new counter display area, and built a window showcase unit to show off some of our custom glass-work and windows.”

Neither PBG or Selmer Glass feels the new competition will be an issue for their respective companies.

“We do different types of glass than Selmer Glass Company,” said Turner. “We focus mainly on high-end custom shower doors, and custom beveled mirrors.”

“The only industry that we’ll be competing in will be the commercial glass industry which we’re expanding into,” said Turner. “That is part of the reason we’re opening the shop here in Selmer.”

Culver feels the competition could be good for both businesses. 

“It’s kind of like with gas stations... When one station drops their prices the others have to do the same,” said Culver. “So, not only will it be good for us from a motivational standpoint, it will be good for the customers as well.”