Foreclosures fall in county

By Jeff Whitten

McNairy County had 18 foreclosures, down three from the previous month, according to RealtyTrac.

The rate for the county increased from one in 1,170 to one in 659 homes.

The number of McNairy County homes sold in June was 46, up four from May.The number of bank-owned properties fell to 79, from 85 the previous month. The number of homes for sale was up two to 126 from the previous month.

Selmer had seven foreclosures, which was the highest number of any town in the county. This was down one from the previous month.

Adamsville and Michie both had four, which was unchanged from last month.

Ramer had only one foreclosure, which was the lowest of all towns in the county. This was down from four in May.

Bethel Springs had two foreclosures, which was up from one the previous month.

Ramer had the lowest
foreclosure rate—one in 1285 homes. Bethel had foreclosures in one in 878 homes, Adamsville had one in 667 homes foreclosed, Selmer’s foreclosure rate was
one in 601 homes and Michie’s foreclosure rate was the highest
 at one in 309 homes.

There were 10 foreclosures in Hardeman County, four in Hardin County and three in Chester County in June. 

The number of foreclosures were down 26 in Hardeman County, four in Chester County and one in Hardin County, from May.

The foreclosure rate for Hardin County was one in 2,370, one in 981 in Chester County and one in 320 in Hardeman County.

There were 2,229 foreclosures in Tennessee in June, down from 2,376 the previous month. The foreclosure rate for Tennessee in June was one in 949 homes.

Nationally, 4.77 million existing homes were sold in June, down from 5.23 million in June 2010, according to Realtor.

The median home price was $184,000, up 0.8 percent from June 2010.

Freddie Mac reports that the average interest rate for a coventional 30-year fixed-rate mortgage was 4.51 percent, down from 4.74 percent in June 2010.

Building permits were up 6.7 percent in June compared to a year ago, according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Housing starts were up 16.7 percent, but housing completions were 39.3 percent below June of the previous year.