Finger square dance hits summer doldrums

By Jeff Whitten

Although the Finger square dance is drawing more people before the Tumbleweeds began to play there, summer is bringing a reduction in the number of square dancers who come to Finger each Friday night.

“We’re competing with the river,” Mayor Robert Heathcock told a meeting of the Finger Board of Aldermen July 18.

The dance usually draws around 200 people, but has only been drawing half of that recently.

Despite this, the financial report showed that the town has $1,500 in the checking account for the general fund, $21,000 in the savings account and $3,100 in the gas account, along with $1,200 in an additional city account.

“We’re okay. We’re doing good,” Heathcock said.

Vice-Mayor Rodney Weaver announced that the audits are caught up.

The Mayor announced that a culvert near Murray Cook’s  property will be repaired next week.

The culvert is pointing at Cook’s field rather than at the ditch, resulting in flooding.

It’s a lot of damage,” said Heathcock.

He said the repair should be done within the next two weeks and it should cost less than $5,000 to fix the culvert.

Heathcock announced that the dance will still be held the Friday after Thanksgiving and will be held on both Friday and Saturday on New Year’s weekend.

New Year’s Eve falls on a Saturday this year.

“We’ll be jammin’ both nights,” Heathcock said.