Eastview budget passes

By Jeff Whitten

The Eastview Board of Aldermen  passed the budget on third reading  for fiscal year 2012 at its meeting Tuesday, June 21.

This fiscal year begins on July 1.

The budget had previously been passed on first reading at the regular city meeting on May 17 and on second reading at a special called meeting on May 24.

The budget for the general fund projects expenditures of $109,200 and revenues of $121, 648.

Both revenues and expenditures are smaller under next year’s budget than they were during the previous year.

Expenditures were $115,116 and revenues were $126,500 under the fiscal year 2011 budget. 

The balance in the fund is projected to decrease to $373,463 from $512,167 the previous year. 

The fund balance declines despite a budget surplus because of capital expenditures, City Recorder Emodene Smith told the Independent Appeal last month.

Both local and state taxes are projected to decline by this budget. Local taxes are projected to decline from $38,000 in 2012 from $37,000 in 2011.

State taxes decline from $37,500 to $36,000 in this budget.

The street fund budget projects revenues of $17,000 and expenditures of $52,000. Revenues are unchanged from the previous year’s budget and expenditures went from $13,200 to $52,000.

The balance in the street fund will decline from $9,430 the previous year to $14,130.

On the topic of the streets, the board discussed street and road repairs. They plan to pave major roads and patch less traveled ones and then put chip and seal on them.

The board voted to spend $600 for six self-contained breathing apparatus racks for the fire truck.

They also approved the amendments to the fiscal year 2011 budget on third reading. Smith explained these amendments are necessary because some line items go over and some under budget.