Deal near for new industry

By Jeff Whitten

Adamsville is nearing a deal to bring a new industry to the Garan building.

Mayor David Leckner told a special called meeting of the Adamsville City Commission that final language of the lease is being negotiated.

“We’re still tweaking it. We all agree in principal and are ready to move forward. We’re all excited and hopeful,” he said.

American Powersports Manufacturing Co. (APMC) could bring a total of 185 jobs within six months, Leckner said.

“They’re expecting to have a local jobs fair this month as we start getting names listed and go through all those steps to get everybody lined up and start moving forward,” Leckner told the commission.

Establishing the operation there will happen in three phases, he explained. The first will bring about ten jobs and could begin by the end of this month. The second phase would add a similar number.

Some owners and staff will relocate to Adamsville under the planned move, but the vast majority of jobs will be local, Leckner said.

Leckner said that the first phase would involve setting up the packing operation in the basement of the building.

The company manufactures and assembles all-terrain vehicles, mopeds, motorcycles and high fuel efficiency two-seat cars.

“They do a lot of overseas work. They have a lot of materials coming in and they ship back out to Canada, Mexico, and a lot of their materials come in from China,” Leckner explained.

The term lease will be 5 years, Leckner said. The rent is still being negotiated and will depend on how many jobs the company creates, but he expects it will be about $1,000 a month during the first phase, will increase to $2,000 a month during the second phase and will then be $4,000 a month by the third phase.

The company would also be responsible for all utilities under the contemplated lease.

Dennis Hopper, the Chief Operating Officer of the company, originally provided the city with a copy of the lease, according to Simon.

“As of right now, we’re trying to make sure we have the right things in it. We’re providing an opportunity for him to bring jobs to the community while protecting the citizens,” Simon said.

The commission voted unanimously to give Leckner and City Manager Steve Simon authority to make the best deal possible and to sign the lease on behalf of the city.

The company has been located in Memphis but has been seeking to reduce its overhead, Leckner said.

Leckner said that APMC had contacted the city about a year ago and there had been a conversation, but they had not heard from the company again until recently.

Leckner said that Hopper had expressed an interest in helping bring some of the groups he works with to the area.

The Mayor said he stressed to Hopper that the parking lot between the building and the park was multi-use. Employees of the company would have the right to park there, but the city still owns it and people coming to the park could also still use it, he said.

He explained that rents from the company would not go into the general fund, but instead would be earmarked for a special fund, the purpose of which was not disclosed.