Crop Reporting & Prevented Planning

Submitted Report

Producers are reminded that 2011 acreage reports must be filed for all cropland on a farm. All reports are due by July 15, 2011. Acreage reports are due by July 15, 2011. Acreage reports are required for producers with Federal Crop Insurance, producers participating in CRP (Conservation Reserve Program), DCP (Direct/Counter-Cyclical Program), and Loan Programs. Late filed reports (after July 15, 2011) will be charged a late-filed fee. 

Producers that are prevented from planting their crops must report the acreage on an FSA-578 (Report of Acreage) and complete a CCC-576 (Notice of Loss) within 15 calendar days after the latter of the occurrence of the prevented planting or the end of the planting period. Producers must also submit evidence to the COC that all cropland feasible to plant and prevented from being planted was affected by a natural disaster rather than a management decision. They must also show that preliminary efforts were made to plant the crop, such as disking the land or orders for purchase or delivery of seed and a fertilizer.