County Commission honors local baseball teams

By Christen Coulon

The McNairy County Commission convened last Monday night for their monthly meeting before a standing room only audience of more than 200 people, most of them wearing baseball uniforms. 

In their first order of business, the commission voted in Martha Clover to fill the open 6th District commission seat. Following the vote, County Mayor Wilburn Gene Ashe swore Glover into office.

Once Glover was seated, Ashe recognized Commissioner Tammy Dillon who addressed the large crowd directly. On behalf of the entire commission she congratulated the members of the seven McNairy County Baseball teams who competed in their respective state tournaments. 

Ashe then read proclamations from the commission recognizing McNairy’s two state championship teams, The 13-14 Year-Old Ramer Team and The 9-10 Year-Old Selmer Team. To the surprise of those in attendance, Ashe then read a letter from Gov. Bill Haslam in which the governor wished the 9-10-year-olds good luck at the World Series and declared Aug. 3 (the day Selmer won the state championship) an official state-wide day of recognition for the local team.

Ashe then paused to allow the school aged children to leave the meeting before continuing.

The commission then approved a $50,000 bond for the mayor and voted for funding to purchase a new truck pending approval of the State Comptroller’s Office. The commission approved $125,000 in spending for the truck with an additional $4,700 in funding coming from the Highway Department. 

In other news the commission voted to amend July’s budget to cover $14,222.94 in costs for computer maintenance and approved budget amendments of $3,500 and $3,240 respectively to cover air conditioning repairs at the Health Department and library.    

(For more information on the local Dixie Youth Baseball teams see page 1B.)