Coach’s Corner: Getting to Know Coach Jim Glover

By Amanda Lowrance

Coach’s Corner: Getting to Know Coach Jim Glover

Staff Photo by Amanda Lowrance

Jim Glover was born to be a Bobcat. He currently holds the position as head coach of McNairy Central Bobcat football. 

Glover and his wife Stacy Fisher of Michie, Tenn. have two daughters, Sarah Grace and Katherine Anne.

Born and raised in McNairy County by Billy Jo and Martha Glover, he found a love for football.

Martha is a former principal of McNairy Central and now instructs class at University of Tennessee at Martin in Selmer.

Billy Jo was the superintendent of McNairy County after teaching high school and going into the Adult Education Center. 

Coming from a long line of educators, Glover now teaches ACT prep, which is a course that prepares the students for American College Testing. During second semester, while out of football season, Glover teaches United States History.

Two specific sports memories come to mind from Glover’s childhood.

 “Back when I was younger,” said Jim Glover, “we had a thing that was called punt, pass, and kick. As an eight-year-old I didn’t do well and it upset me a great deal.

“My father took me out and pretty much up until the next punt, pass, and kick worked with me and I won that one. That sort of inspired me to get a work
ethic and do what you have to do to win.”

Before Glover was introduced to football, there was baseball, which he grew a passion for. 

“The first little league ball game I ever played,” said Glover, “I started and played at right field.” 

“We won the game and I just
remember how much fun it is to win. That’s been something I always sort of looked back on.”

Playing football all four years of high school, he was on the first winning team and the first District Championship Team that McNairy Central ever had. Glover later graduated from McNairy Central in 1981. 

In college at Lambuth University, Glover played baseball as an Eagle for three years after a transfer from Rhodes where he played football for a year as a Lynx. He graduated in 1985 with a degree in political science.

Glover immediately began coaching the Bobcats after graduation and stayed until 1996. From there he went to Parsons High in Humboldt, Tenn. as an assistant coach under John Tucker, who retired in 1997 and was inducted into the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame in 2004.

After Tucker retired, Glover took his spot for four years and returned back to Lambuth for five seasons as offensive coordinator. With a short run at Ridgeway High as offensive coordinator, Glover coached under Joe Lee Dunn, who is now the defensive coordinator and linebackers coach for Mississippi State University.

After spending time as head coach at University School of Jackson, Glover found his home in 2009 with the McNairy Central Bobcats.

Glover coached Johnny Roy Finlayson II until his senior year with McNairy Central. Finlayson played for the University of Tennessee until 2001 and still has a tied record for the Bobcats with Marcus Boehler of 8 points after touchdowns 

“We got to see him progress and got to participate in recruiting,” said Glover.

At Lambuth, he coached players that made it to the NFL. Allen Ervin played for the Philadelphia Eagles but signed with the Detriot Lions as a running back in 2008. Stefan Rodgers, who is currently a free agent signed with the Tennessee Titans in 2005.

“With the lockout and everything,” said Glover, “they are still working trying to get back on a roster.”

“There are three rules that I have and have had for every team that I have coached,” said Glover. “They are real simple rules, just not easy to follow. The first one is do right. The second thing is to care about each other. And then the third thing is to be diligent.

“Everybody knows right from wrong, but it’s a choice to do right or wrong. We need to be united as a team, because they are working hard for the same goal. It’s always those people who endure and continue to work and do the right thing that are always successful.”