Cardinals visit the home of Oher for preseason scrimmages

By Amanda Lowrance

Cardinals visit the home of Oher for preseason scrimmages

Jake Miller from Bethel Springs joins the Cardinals as a freshman quarterback and looks for a passing opportunity. Staff photo by Amanda Lowrance

Staff photo by Amanda Lowrance

Senior Drake Fox prepares to snap the ball as wide receiver Kasey Hurley dashes across the field.

The Adamsville Cardinals began the season with one practice before playing three seven-on-seven scrimmages at Briarcrest Christian High School, the home of Michael Oher.

Oher is the well-known offensive tackle for the Baltimore Ravens and locally known as the NFL star to go from rags to riches in the movie “The Blind Side.”

The Cardinals were excited and honored to play at such a respected field. Three scrimmages took place against Jackson Christian, Tunica Academy, and the hosting Briarcrest Christian.

“I was pleased for the most part,” said Coach Brandon Gray. “We’re a little bit rusty. But we had five quarterbacks to play today. I’m pleased with it.

“We thought we were playing three other teams. We ended up playing someone else, but it doesn’t matter. I enjoyed it, and I think our kids did too. This helped to get us in shape. We’ll see what happens.”

In their first scrimmage against the Jackson Christian Eagles, Adamsville played against the four-star receiver Drae Bowles, who is nationally known and has the option to play anywhere in the state after he graduates.

Adamsville came out with a hard-fought victory over the Eagles.

There were a few mishaps in the second game against the Tunica Academy Blue Devils that cost them the game. Tunica has a preseason 7th place rank in District A football in

The Cardinals fell by one touchdown before taking the field against Briarcrest Christian Saints. Adamsville pulled together and won the scrimmage against the host.

They took care of the ball well overall and only had two turnovers in their evening of play, one of which cost them the game against Tunica.

Quarterbacks Dalton Plunk and John Reed Odom tried out their throwing arms for the new season. Young freshmen quarterbacks Cannon Smith, Jake Miller, and Seth Paul joined Adamsville and took the field for their first preseason scrimmage in high school.

Several other selected players joined the travel squad to Briarcrest. Ross Burcham, Christopher Bernier, and Jacob Dengler also had their first moment on the field as Adamsville Cardinals. 

The games were new and intense to all members of the travel team. In a sideline interview, the view on the field was expressed by a couple of senior Cardinals as they came off the field.

“Some stuff that we need to work on here and there, small stuff,” said Drake Fox, playing center position for AHS.

“We have got some extra players and some stuff to teach the young kids, but it’s going to be a good season.

“For only one day of practice, we did good,” said wide receiver Josh Shoate. “We worked hard today. Came out here and took care of business, just like we planned on doing.”

Thursday, the Cardinals will come back for another scrimmage day in Eads at Briarcrest Christian High School to test their skills against more teams.