C.R.U.N.K. Fest unites for Christ

Amanda Lowrance

C.R.U.N.K. Fest unites for Christ

Staff Photo by Amanda Lowrance

Hundreds unified at the Selmer City Park last Saturday to celebrate the 4th Annual C.R.U.N.K. Fest, which is an acronym meaning Children of God Reaching Up in Need of the King. 

Crunk Fest is one of the many events Cypress Creek First Baptist Church hosts through the summer to engage youth members and has been held following church events such as Midnight Madness and Youth Day and Revival with Pastor Tim Rogers.

“We are trying to bring unity within our community,” said Pastor Clifford Wynn. “Crunk Fest is choosing God and reaching up in the need of the King. We try to bring the community as well as our young people no matter what creed or denomination.”

Midnight Madness is held the previous night and is one of the church’s Crunk Fest activities, which features a single elimination basketball tournament. The three-day youth revival kicks off the fest with a speaker from Tim Rogers and The Fellas. 

“We are trying to be in with the young people,” said Wynn. “Instead of them doing drugs and getting in trouble, we try to give a positive outlook. Overall it’s been a blessing.”

This weekend church members from surrounding areas including Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama joined on that day for fellowship, fun, food, music, and to worship. All people are invited to attend and welcome to worship God through music, dance, or prayer.

“I think the youth enjoyed it a lot,” said CCFBC member, Candy Taylor. “It just gave them something positive to do. Everything went great.”

Aptly before school begins, the church donates school supplies at the event to all students of all ages.

Four years and running, Cypress Creek has made a connection with their youth and other members and still holds strong today.