Break out your brackets

By Andrew Alexander

Break out your brackets

Graphic by Andrew Alexander

It’s March and everyone knows what that means; madness is upon us, and we’re offering a $750 for your unblemished bracket.

The 2012 NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament will begin on March 15 and run through April 2 when the national championship will be decided in New Orleans.

The Independent Appeal would like to know who McNairy County thinks will be the champion and how they will get there, so we’re welcoming all to compete in our 2012 Bracket Challenge.

The prize for winning the 2012 Bracket Challenge is a $30 gift certificate to Shaker’s Pizza. Any individual that turns in a perfect bracket, (one turned in on-time and with no misses throughout the entirety of the tournament) will be awarded the grand prize of $750.

We will put a tournament bracket in next week’s issue for members of the community to fill out and turn in to our office. Brackets will also be available for pickup at Shaker’s Pizza, located at 593 Mulberry Ave. in Selmer beginning Monday afternoon.

Since our next issue will come out on March 14, only a day before the tournament begins, we will also post a printable bracket on our Facebook page promptly following the release of the tournament schedule on Selection Sunday (March 11).

We ask that all entries be turned into our office by 10 a.m. on March 15. If mailed to our office at 111 N. Second Street in Selmer, they must be postmarked by March 14. Entries can also be submitted via email at, via fax at (731) 645-3591, or simply by being dropped off at the office.

There is a limit of one bracket entry per contestant. 

Bracket scoring will be tallied as follows: Round of 64 (2 points per correct pick), Round of 32 (4 points per correct pick), Sweet 16 (6 points per correct pick), Elite 8 (8 points per correct pick), Final Four (10 points per correct pick), NCAA Finals (20 points for a correct pick). There will also be a tie-breaker. Contestants will guess the final score of the NCAA Finals. If deciding the winner comes down to a tie-breaker scenario, the contestant with the closest composite final score will be victorious.

In recent years, the tournament has been wild and unpredictable. In two consecutive seasons, the mid-major Butler University Bulldogs have crashed the party and wound up in the championship game, shocking a majority of bracketeers. As a matter of fact, two mid-majors made the Final Four in last year’s tournament, Butler and Virginia Commonwealth University, so don’t sleep on the mid-majors.

Whatever your plan may be, we at the Independent Appeal wish all McNairy Countians the best of luck with your brackets in 2012.