Bondurant speaks to Michie Board on water project

By Janet Rail

Last Monday the Michie Mayor and Board heard from two representatives from Barge, Waggoner, Sumner and Cannon, Inc. regarding the city’s water plant potential improvements, grants and a transfer from chlorine gas to liquid bleach for purification.

Representatives Bryant Bondurant, sr. project manager and Dean Harrison, designer from the firm were on hand to discuss the need for a full evaluation of the plant to determine recommendations on upgrades and possible grants available for the project.

“We want to get you to capacity and running as well as possible. We collectively need to develop a five year wish list so that we all get in the same mindset,” said Harrison.

The evaluation of water loss was also discussed as the state allows 35 percent or less according to Bondurant. “If you want to upgrade the plant we’d put together an estimated cost and have an engineer come and evaluate the plant. Now is the time to start working on grants,” Bondurant said. “We want to get started on grant applications,” said Mayor Greer.

There was discussion regarding Economic Commission Development Grants, as well as grants from Delta Regional Authority for water line extentions, however the Mayor stated they do not have a lot of opportunity to extend service but there were a lot of areas that needed larger lines. Harrison was going to speak with Southwest Community Development to see if grants were available to improve the lines.

Alderman Mike Glisson asked what filter upgrades would entail. The representatives stated that micro filtration would be a consideration as they come in sleeves and you can replace the sleeves and it would cut down on backwashing and maintenance costs. There was discussion of piping replacement throughout the plant upsizing to get the volume of water necessary to get them through the next 10 years of growth. 

Alderman Jim Merry inquired about the estimated costs of this upgrade. The representatives estimated costs of $750,000 and ECD offers rural development grants up to $500,000 with a 15-20 percent match that may be available. “Can this be done in phases,” stated Merry. “No, all improvements would need to be done at the same time,” stated Harrison.

Currently the Michie Water Plant pumps between 390,000 – 400,000 gallons of water per day. The firm will proceed with an evaluation and recommendations to the board.

In other business, Fire Chief Shirley Clark addressed the group and gave an update for the department.  “A waiver was received from Housing and Urban Developtment to free money for Disaster Recovery Round 1. Our truck grant has been accepted and is in round 2 awaiting approval,” Clark said.

She also reported Jan – June 2011 department responses to include: 16 structure fires, 17 grass and brush fires, 42 medical calls, 12 motor vehicle accidents with three fatalities and seven public assists. She reported training and meetings held during the past six months, maintenance on equipment and the status of grant applications.

In previous business, the mayor discussed the audio and drawer repair estimate of $1,500 was not accurate. The correct estimate was $7,000 to repair the audio and drawer. No action was taken on this item. The June 27th meeting minutes were reviewed and approved.