Board upholds Smith termination

By Jeff Whitten

 The Selmer Board of Aldermen voted to uphold the firing of police officer Jody Smith Monday.

The board voted unanimously, with only Alderman Paul Simpson passing, saying that although he did not represent Smith in this matter, he has represented him in the past.

Smith was accused of running off the road in his police car on Highway 142.

According to Selmer Police Department Officer and Investigator Tony Miller, who outlined the reasons for Smith’s firing, he then ran through George Walker’s yard and hit a telephone box.

Smith said a car ran him off the road, but after examining the site of the accident, Tennessee Highway Patrol Sergeant Larry Forsythe, Selmer Police Chief Neal Burks and Assistant Chief Kim Holley, concluded there was no evidence that another car ran Smith off the road.

Smith then spoke in his defense.

He denied violating any policy or procedure of the department.

Smith charged bias against him from past grievances and accused Burks of creating “a hostile work environment.”

He challenged the board to review his statistics against other officers.

“I did not intentionally mislead dispatch,” Smith said.